Trade fairs in Berlin

Berlin is known as an important centre for many trade fair and mess events. The fairground with radio transmission tower and congress centre offers a 160,000 sqm area and 26 fair halls and enough space to draw the attention of many famous and well-known exhibitors from various industries. The individual buildings are connected with each other so that visitors can orient well and can withstand adverse weather conditions when visiting the fair thanks to a flexible control system. Events such as the International Radio Exhibition and the International Tourism Exchange are fixed points for both, organizers and visitors. The Green Week Berlin and the Youth Fair YOU are held here regularly. The International Congress Centre (ICC) can be reached with a bridge and is directly connected to the exhibition grounds. Thus, trade fair and congress participation can be connected perfectly, without having any long distance travels.

Beside the various and countless trade fair events, the optimal connection to public and private transports speaks for itself. You can reach the fairgrounds from hotel Spreewitz in about 5 minutes. You can decide between you either take a taxi or the bus line M49. Or you can start your trade visit with a suburban train trough the stations Messe Süd or Messe Nord, which are directly located in the entrance of the ICC, so you don’t have to waste your times with long searches for a parking space. Or if you prefer the bus, you can take the bus line of the BVG to the trade grounds. And if you have your own car, you can choose between 12,000 parking lots, which are connected with the highway junction Funkturm between the highways A100 and A115. Nearby you can find the parking area of the Olympic Stadium, which can also be used at big events. It offers a shuttle service and guarantees a comfortable arrival at the fairgrounds.

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